Deep in the heart of man there is a thirst for adventure; a desire for wild.  Something primal that leads us to brave the elements.  Some inward compass that takes us from congestion and concrete to wide open frontier.  Hawk + Hatchet is a brand birthed in this spirit; an experience discovering that you have what it takes.  Hawk + Hatchet takes you there - into the Wild and Uncharted.


Signature Line

This collection of candles is a mirror of the outdoors and nature.  Each of these candles are a stand-alone experience in their own right; each scent tells a story of places I've been or an experience that inspires the Wild and Uncharted.

All Candles come in either an 8 oz glass jar with a burn time of 40+ hours or a 4 oz travel tin with a 25+ hour burn time.  Made with a soy blend wax, all natural cotton or wood wick and paraben free high quality fragrance.

See candle burning 101 at bottom of page for proper candle care and burning instructions.


100% All Natural

Body Wash, Hand Repair, Lip Balm, Beard Oil and Beard Wax

 I wanted products that were utilitarian; every day go to products for men.  Something earthy and organic. Hawk and Hatchet’s signature apothecary products are for the man who wants to live wild and rugged but look good at the same time. 


Wisconsin Hardwoods

Our favorite entertaining is spent partaking in some of Wisconsin's finest cheeses, meats and great beers.  Boasting as the "Dairy State" it is not difficult to find award winning cheeses to fill your charcuterie board, not to mention the endless amounts of quality beers produced in our state's micro-breweries.  These boards are handcrafted with Wisconsin’s own hard woods such as Hickory, Ash, White Oak, Hard Maple and Black Walnut - each with it’s own texture, grain and colors. Perfect for entertaining with rustic modern class.